Jan 23, 2010
I'm down on the daydream.

Winter is really pulling me into this sleep dept thingie and pure laziness... Really, I haven't done anything mentionable outside school these past few weeks.  Though I'm not loading anything on school either. Snoozing in chemistry and pretty much in all the other classes too. How can it be so hard to get into this mundaneness after just few weeks of Christmas holiday?

But soon there comes those exams (which means short days) and after that... new period! I really need those 2-hour Mondays. Do I know how to make reasonable timetables or what, huh? I have only Finnish and art classes on Mondays, nothing too difficult 'cause I know how I am after weekend.

It's really cold now, even inside. Which means I'm really drinking a lot of vanilla coffee. Plus I gotta atleast try to stay awake in school. I'm also spending some time in cafes, drinking latte and chocolate cappucino. Me, coffee addict? No way!

Today is beautiful Saturday, I'm hoping you're having pretty weather too. Check out these three songs I love...


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