Jan 10, 2010
Last winter I dreamed about New York, this winter it's the same.
Ah, I just remembered that it's been about 1 year since I started having this blog. So I've read some of my first blogs and I'm feeling a bit wisful. It feels like ages ago when I was in middle school. I can't believe I complained about -14 °C when this year it's -24 °C. And God, my English was terrible... Last winter I was so hooked on the Twilight saga and same is happening now, I started reading Eclipse again few days ago. I wonder why those books are so tempting in winter?

The good thing is that this January I'm not complaining about flu and killer-headache. Maybe 'cause they haven't knocked me to the bed yet.

Now I'm just gonna turn my Mac off, read a bit and then go asleep. I watched Alfie from tv tonight, that movie is so cool. I just realised that two of my favorite movies have Jude Law in them. Alfie and My Blueberry Nights. And both are placed in New York.


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