Jul 12, 2009
I saw those chocolate eyes.
It was SO cool at the amusement park last night. Alexander Rybak is really good looking in real life too. And he played his song like 5 times since everyone kept yelling "We want more!" I know that I'm being just silly fangirl right now, but I couldn't stop smiling there. Even though in front of me was all the tallest people and I didn't really see anything... But he was so baffled, like "Whoa, are these all people yelling at me?" He even asked: "What did they pay for you to scream like this?" And answer was even more screaming. Haha. And yes, I think that there was just like few boys besides that huge number of crazy teenage girls. Ok, maybe I was one of them it's not like I was THAT crazy. I just, kinda, screamed inside. You know?

I hope I can get my Good In Bed book today 'cause I don't really have anything to read. Oh and I think that I'm gonna go next Wednesday to the gym that's in our towns new swimming hall, with my friend.


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