Jul 7, 2009
As round as a orange, as sweet as a strawberry.

I took one of the oranges out of the bag and sniffed it, then held it in my hand, thinking that the world was like an orange, that I could split it open with my thumbnail and find a whole different world, the grown-up world, the secrets underneath the skin.

Certain Girls is great book. It's about mother and daughter, how their relationship become cracked when Joy reads finally her mothers best-selling book. She wonders if everything in it is true and wants to learn more about her family. Then there is her bat mitzvah and the pretty dress her mom, Candace, is against... Not to mention that Joy's mother and (not biologial) father are planning to have another baby. Is it because they never got to have one together, they had just Joy with her hearing-aids, and Bruce as her real father? And what suprising does this family face in the end?

It's not too hard to read, just cosy, you know. But I have to say that I cried a lot in the end... What a great writer Jennifer is.

I'm addicted to Skins right now. I started to watch it from the episode 2 of season 3. I haven't missed any of those episodes since that and I watched episode 1 from Youtube a while ago. Tonight they showed episode 5, Freddie, in here. Such a good episode. I'm falling for Freddie... And I love Effy's style. I'm gonna wait until this season ends and then watch two previous seasons from Youtube.

Anyhow, I bought some shirts from Stockholm. Two t's from Topshop, they're cute though I haven't taken pics of them. Yet. And also a red dress from Joy. And then there are those two tops above. But number 1 first, I ordered those boots from Ellos today, pure awesomeness. Number 4 is from there too, cute plaid dress. Number 2 is from Topshop and number 3 from Monki, a top that says "Monkism". Cute, huh?


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